Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Zometa Treatment

I have been guilty of shunning my blog in favor of the privacy of for all my woes. I know I should keep it up here, but I really don't feel I've found the right 'voice' for blogging. Oh well.

And now I don't feel like typing about my Zometa treatment (which netted me fever and chills), and will have to do so later.

I don't seem to be sleeping again. I don't know if it's because of the day I spent in bed ill after the Zometa changed my sleep schedule, disrupting my circadian rhythms, or what, but here I go again. Also for the first time in a long time, RLS has reared it's ugly head (PLM actually; a wholly-owned subsidiary of RLS). I end up getting up, doubling my magnesium, and hoping for the best. At this point (4:30am) it will be light soon, and a valium would be an ill-advised solution. I would sleep until 11:00 again, like I did today (yesterday - Saturday).

Thursday night I was awake until sun rise (about 5:00am), got up at 10:15ish to throw clothes on and take Brad to school. I bought a new bed with my tax return money; a memory foam mattress. Last night was my first night sleeping on it. Once I finally got to sleep, I slept well. It's just the falling asleep part that always alludes me. The alarm is set for 9:00am, so I can make it to church. I don't know how easy that is going to be, given the current hour.

I am left wondering if the insomnia and RLS/PLM are an added bonus to the Zometa side effects of aching and bone pain. Research time. The timing makes it suspect. Were the Pristiq causing the RLS, I would think that it would have done so at some point over the past three months, rather than conveniently waiting until three days after my Zometa treatment.

I do have things to write about. The Zometa experience, the Day of Art aftermath...I just have no cerebral power to do so.

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