Monday, May 30, 2011

I really want to edit that pink ribbon OUT of my blog banner...I can't believe it is still there...I think it became invisible to me. BUT, I can't find the file that I kept that stuff in so that I can edit. I haven't done anything like that in quiet some time, as, well, nothing interests me. A whole different topic.

I will find the file.  

I will remove the ribbon. 

I will purge the pink. 

...Wow. I found it. I did it. I rock. I rule this page. And it didn't take me a week to figure out how I did it before!


Jenny (jaydub26) said...

I've made my header pics less pink as well - taken pink ribbon pics off. Why propogate the myth

Pink Ribbon Blues said...

You TOTALLY RULE this page!!! Rock on, #cancerrebel!