Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Diary,

Antibiotics for a respiratory infection during radiation to the spine and pelvis, topped off with a stomach bug was a bad idea! I am happy, however, to announce that, for the first time since before Easter, I had normal poo. I guess I'm finally getting that good intestinal bacteria built back up. Thank goodness! Buh-bye and boo-yah, stomach bug.

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Kathi said...

What is up with this contagion of respiratory infections & stomach bugs lately? Have had both myself, still getting over them, and have also managed to cough myself into some back spasms. Still on antibiotics. And pain meds. Note to self: get some yogurt with live cultures.

I'm glad your poo is normal now. Hope the poison death rays accomplish something besides wearing down your immune system. Oy. The things we look forward to...