Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Friend with an Attitude I LOVE...

I was happy today/last night to meet someone on a new site who feel rather like I do about the breast cancer "Pink Zone" as she calls it, and the METS "Dirty Pink Underbelly" as I call it. I told her I felt like I was always feeling like I was raining on everybody's pink parade at my support group. So now I'm working on an "art" project.

It's still really difficult right now. Mornings I am tired, afternoons I try to stay busy, and then evenings I get depressed and wonder how I will face another day. Counselor appointment tomorrow, so that's good timing. Dang it...forgot to go and get my prescriptions today. Changing meds again (not cancer meds), just the depression, sleep, anxiety meds.

I thought I had more whining to do, but I think I'll go read my new friend's messages again!

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