Friday, February 24, 2012

Fell for that line again!

Pieced together from texts and instant messages. I hope to some commentary and final results soon.

Feb 24 I'm going into the hospital, so they can find what is going to work for this pain and potentially do the cement in the fracture thing. Sitting here in the room, the sent me straight up from the Dr's office and mom went down to register me in. Brad is here with me. I am nauseous and dizzy and tired. I guess after mom checks me in they'll come IV me, and Betsy at Polowy's promised they could use my port. I'd better not get any arguement.

In the hospital for pain. So far it's been an expensive viewing of American Idol and a ho-hum dinner. Seriously, I've been here seven hours already and all I've gotten so far is uncomfortable!

Still waiting for someone to get on this...before I start taking my own meds out of my purse. I just sent my mom and Brad home because they were both making me cranky. I'm glad my mom had driven me today, since I ended up here.

Used the port...hooked me up to fluids. She said they were going to do IV meds at 9:00, but I don't know what it's going to be.

They have better beds than they had two years ago..I think I'll sleep well tonight!

Fially she came in with meds...really? I came here for more of the same as what I was taking at home? I questioned and asked again and came back with Demorol. I am feeling it in my ribs and chest, and I stopped crying. Still pain on a sharp breath, right side, and still hips, lower back and left illiac wing. It's circling the pain. And the bed is not as comfy as when I checked in. Did someone switch it out while I was in the bathroom?

Feb 24 Pain. Pain is going on. And apparently I may have been misled about can be done here, inpatient, for the vertebral fracture, and more than half my decision to be admitted was based on the idea that it could be more quickly done inpatient than to wait for an appt outpatient. So now I'm pissed. I can't get to sleep for the pain that he thought could be handled better here. I tried to turn over, which made me need to pee, getting up for which made me hurt even more and decide not to take the up and down from the toilet pain. So I struggled back into bed and still need to pee. Worse. Sorry you asked? I'll have to combine all my message bitching into one big blog bitch.

I would not be in this much pain at home. They are not giving me as much as he told me I could take at home. In fact she just gave me HALF what he has said I could take, and my next dose of the new wonder pharmaceutical which didn't help much isn't for THREE more hours.

And during my crying jag / aborted bathroom trip, as the aide whose English I can barely understand was fetching my nurse, I swear I heard something to the effect of "I'm so sick of" and "every time". So now I'm afraid that the nurse who I thought was really nice is losing patience with me. But I didn't have two of my regular bedtime meds that help me sleep and that I'm sure she wrote down earlier and this would be a lot better if I could fall asleep.

And I might be falling out of patient love with my doctor. My appt with him this afternoon was rather cut short by the idea of getting admitted to sort this out, and I know he was in hosp this evening - nurse told me he would surely come by - and he did not. He talked me in to coming in and then doesnt stop by my room to finish our discussion?

I wouldn't be crying so much if they'd given me the Restoril that I normally take at bedtime, instead of worrying that my stupid blood potassium was low and giving me THAT.

This bed is not nearly as comfortable as it first seemed 8 hours ago when I proclaimed it superior and announced my anticipation of a good night's aleep.

And I really do need to pee. And I want to go home. I can sleep in pain far more economically at home.

Feb 25 I'm trying to make them let me go home. They're all making a huge deal, stalling with excuses and making me feel like I'm being held prisoner and threatened getting the discharge will take a long time, and how the insurance can refuse to pay if I don't stay as long as they want me to. What time did you say you were coming? I really need an advocate.

Afterword: they did not let me go home and the person coming did not help advocate for it. I actually ended up being there until dinnertime on Feb 27. More to come. Still recovering.

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