Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm lying here on my bed, still showered up wet and in my towell, but wondering if I can make it out of the bed again. Mom coming at noon to pick me up for 12:30 doctor, and I can't call her to come early and help me dress because she has exercise in the mornings with the residents at the care center where her deceased mother no longer lives.

If I make it out of bed without falling or breaking in half, I then need to get dressed. Underwear and pants have become impossible without assistance. I guess the alternative is a skirt with nothing under.  Shabby Chic Commando. The appeal is growing.

Well, since I'm stuck here in the bed for the foreseeable short term, I may as well take a nap until the phone alarm rings. Luckily I got up early and showered before the DS left for class.

If my whining has somehow not conveyed, I am in increasing pain. I fear the doctor will want me in hospital but I also fear no immediate help.

Update: I asked and mom is coming early!!

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