Thursday, November 5, 2009

Medicare? (and more whining)

I've been stressing out BAD...all I can see is that there is a 24 month waiting period for Medicare once you are on SSDI. I could be dead by then! COBRA payments will kill me if not the damn cancer. No, it will be the COBRA payments...people with more than just bone METS live on and on...good for them!

Another questions...seems like all the effort and aggressive treatment go into original breast cancer, but then when it comes to METS, even recurrences in the breast, it seems like the "wait and see" approach. I understand how liver and lungs are difficult to operate, but if I get a tumor in my breast, I'm gonna say TAKE IT OUT!!

I've decided that it's definitely the Femara that has to go. I missed a couple, and those are the nights I slept well. When I take it, I am up LATE! I wonder if changing the time I take it would help?

Feeling very overwhelmed, like I'll never get to that point when I can concentrate on my chronic debilitating illness, like the overwhelmedness will just keep popping up, and never end.


by...K@ Ashcroft said...

What exactly is Femara and what does it do?

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Femara is an aromatase inhibitor...or something like that...basically it blocks the hormone receptors. My cancer is hormone receptor positive, i.e. it feeds off hormones. Basically the Femara is to starve the cancer. There are two other drugs that do the same thing for post-menopausal cancer patients. They have different reported side effects, but not insomnia.