Monday, November 30, 2009

The lunesta only worked the one night, but at least I was awake for Thanksgiving day. Next night I was up until 3 or 4, night after that, I was up until 7:30am, and still awake at 9:00am when my son woke me for the cursed Femara. Needless to say, I slept until 5:00pm.

Then, I tried a brilliant, yet naughty, plan...(naughty since I did it without permission)...I took 2 alprazolam (xanax). Didn't do anything, so in an hour or so, I took 2 more. Of course by this time it was midnight, so I overslept the alarm I set to get up and make it to church! I even showered that night, so I could just get up and get dressed, since showering is SUCH an ordeal to me. I may be mixing my nights up here...I think it was Saturday night when the plan didn't work until late, and I overslept church. Anyhow, Sunday night I took 3 alprazolam, and before I even got to bed a bit later, I was feeling it...HOORAY! I went to sleep quickly (my biggest hurdle) and slept through the night, though, since I went to bed about midnight, had a bugger of a time getting up at 9:00 to make my Doctor appt w/ my PCP. I confessed my experiment w/ the alprazolam, and she didn't bat an eye...wrote me a scrip for 3mg/night. My Onc will probably have a fit; he thought 1mg was a lot...but I need to sleep so he'll have to a) get over it, or b) write me Valium.
I am also switching from Zoloft (and stopped the Celexa) to Pristiq. I know it's not a generic, but I want to try it. Dr. gave me a month worth of samples, and I'll see her again in 30 days to see how it worked, and get a prescription for probably a higher dose.

I can hardly wait until bedtime tonight to try it again. I hope it wasn't a fluke, like the one time with the Lunesta. I am going to go to bed earlier, so I wont sleep the day away. I'm so excited at the prospect of doing things in the daytime! I was beginning to feel like a vampire.

Well, an agoraphobic vampire, since I never went out at night either....

I'm just sayin'.


by...K@ Ashcroft said...

So there is just 1 question I have. Why Xanax for sleep? It's an anti anxiety drug and a quite strong one at that. I don't understand that one at all. Will this new drug be better because it will make you drowsy not make you drowsy? Just wondering.

shelli said...

Kat, I've taken it for so long that it's efficacy has waned. Yes, it's an anti-anxiety that makes you sleepy. Benzo...something...same class as Klonopin and Valium, but some things work differently. I will take more Xanax until it stops working again. Then....maybe my sleep will be back on track by then. Or not...but I'll switch back to Klonopin, which is more for long term. Pretty surprised my Dr so easily said OK to so much Xanax. I've read that the reason it's highly addictive is BECAUSE you have to take more and more.

I'm switching anti-depressants too...from zoloft, which in the 90's made me sleepy, but now, only if I take it in the day...NOT Prisiq...a fairly new one that in reading sounds pretty good to me. Should help with depression and anxiety. I think I am supposed to take it in the morning, which has past I'll take it now. Starting it and tapering off zoloft over the next two weeks.

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