Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shelli's wings - A little poem for Shelli by: Lil'Baloo

Are these wings? When is it time to fly
It seems as though time just went on by
Friends all around,lifetime full of love
Some here on earth, most from God above
Focus on the journey,look back or ahead
Cant change the past,is what has been said
Look ahead can be scary,to say the very least
In our fathers loving arms we can find peace
Maybe right now,today is where you should be
Sharing with your loved ones your personality
What is ahead? it's not just your choice to make
Whats happening now is where you pound your stake
Enjoy life, laugh real hard, forget all your strife
Do something kind today, to change a persons life
Most of all remember how great you are today
In this game of life,you chose to come and play
And when and if God's choice, it comes to you dying
Just remember your not falling, you are really flying
Yes, have always had wings!

- Lou Mills


Mary said...

Shelli, you DO have wings. That was very sweet.

by...K@ Ashcroft said...

What a wise man. :) I am so blessed to call him friend.