Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dirty Pink Truth

There is no cure for breast cancer.
Breast cancer kills when it metastisizes, 
(i.e. spreads to vital organs).

30% of breast cancers diagnosed will metastasize
and 5-10% are metastatic at diagnosis.
150,000 Americans are living w/ metastatic breast cancer
and 40,000 will die this year...

of metastatic breast cancer.


Approx 3% of cancer research funds are spent 
researching metastatic cancer...

the one that’s killing us.

“Cancer is not a ribbon, 
a screening test, 
or a leisure activity. 

It is not a sassy t-shirt, 
a proclamation of survivorship, 
or a gift worth giving. 

It is a disease.” 
-Gayle Sulik, M.A. PhD

A disease that still kills. 
A disease that kills virtually as many people today as it did in 1975.
This is not progress.

Early detection does not necessarily save lives.
Mammograms are not prevention.

It isn’t cute. It isn’t inspiring. It isn’t pink.