Monday, October 5, 2009


PET Scan went just fine, thanks to the Valium. And boy, that stuff kicks in FAST! I didn't even cry when the tech couldn't find my vein for the radioactive glucose (sounds so yummy). Two pokes wasn't too bad, but I'm changing my wording on how I describe the two choices.

They have a special bathroom for the radioactive people, with a big ol' radioactive materials sign on the door. Only the injected get to use it!

The time flew right by, and I didn't get a backache in the machine. I should have discovered Valium many scans ago!

When it was over, I asked her if I lit up like a Christmas tree...(my oncologist's phrase; he said I didn't "light up like a Christmas tree" on my bone scan). She very cleverly said she didn't know, she hadn't looked yet. Uh-huh. But she said I did very well to give them what they needed. They never tell you anything. I understand how they can't and all. She said a picture would go to my Dr. with the report. I said, good; I need to see a picture.

She was awfully damn nice to me, so either a) it was really bad, or b) she hadn't seen the bone scan and didn't know how to judge progression. Whatever. I'll give the Dr. a couple days, then call. I mean, hello; he didn't want me to go a whole weekend without talking to him about the bone scan! So if it's really bad news, he'll call me in. Monday (appt) feels a long way off.

I'm so tired today! I slept all afternoon, then had a late afternoon nap, and now, as soon as I'm finished with this, I'm going to bed for the night. My fever came back again, after the scan, and then broke while I was sleeping and I (Mary, is the past tense of sweat "sweat" or "sweated"?) perspired up a storm! I still don't feel very well though.


Cyndi said...

I'm so glad the Petscan was easier on you than you thought it would be -- gooo Valium!!

shelli said...

The hard part is waiting for the results. It's making me crazy.

shelli said...

Ah yes...the song I had posted with this one was Radioactive. One hit wonder; had a heck of a time finding it.