Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fatty Liver? What a surprise...

Visited with the doctor this past week. The results of my PET/CT were fine. It pointed out a few active spots, possibly a new one on my left scapula. But still fine. They pointed out a spot in the right abdominal area with unusual SUV (yes, the spot I had already seen), but could not tell from the PET/CT if it was foci or vascular. Doctor suggested an MRI to determine.

My MRI came back clean. Doctor said you rarely see such a healthy liver in one with metastatic breast cancer. Slightly elongated, and fatty. Really. With my body type, I fully expected my liver to be svelte and slender. Uh-huh.

But no spot of concern. Doctor was thrilled. CEA slightly trending up again, but not enough, with good scans, to want to change medication.

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CancerCultureChronicles said...

A happy healthy and very comfortable liver. That's what we like to hear. Yay!