Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Miss You, Rachel

The Cancer Culture Chronicles was one of the first blogs I started following after my MBC dx. Rachel had a way of expressing what was in my heart, and made it okay for me to feel it, too; and to feel it out loud.

Fellow bloggers who knew her well have expressed their love and grief today, on the first anniversary of Rachel's death.

I hope Rachel's family feels the outpouring of love today. Rest well, Rachel. 


Nancy's Point said...


I hope they feel it too.

And it is okay to feel and express what's in your heart. Rachel made it a little easier for us all to do just that.

Thanks for sharing the links, Shelli.

The Accidental Amazon said...

Shel, I know that her mom does feel it. She has been so incredibly touched that we've all written about Rach. And that makes me feel a little less heartache. xxoo, Kathi