Monday, July 15, 2013

CT review with Surgeon

Based on the CT and PET scans, the surgeon does NOT feel that this requires surgery (which would have been a hip replacement). Still need to attack this before it gets to that point. I hope the radiologist agrees to treat it sooner than later.


tccomments2013 said...

dear shelli,

I hope so, too. this has been such a painful ordeal for you, and I am so sorry there isn't a plan yet in place so you can hold onto it. please keep us posted - I am sending a huge heap of hope...

and much love, XOXOXOXO


Nancy's Point said...

Thanks for the update, Shelli. And I hope so too.

tccomments2013 said...

dear shelli,

please know I am thinking of you, hoping things are getting resolved to help you. I am sending you tons of love, and bushels of hugs, and lots of light to help you find your way. XOXOXOXOXOXO, karen

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Oh Karen! I have been thinking of you and thinking I would make a blog post just to ask how you were doing! I heard that you had a surgery. I would say that up and on the computer is a good sign, but I know that in bed and on the smart phone is also a possibility. I hope you are recovering speedily! Love to you!!

I have an appt to see the Radiation Oncologist on the 9th, and I am waiting on a phone all back from the nurse with answers to the questions we had pending. I also was referred to a spine surgeon by my other ortho surgeon, and I have an appt to see him on the 19th.

My mom is going out of town to visit my youngest sister for three weeks. I'm a little stressed about that, as she always drives me to appointments. I will have to ask for help and rely on others, which is hard for me. I also think I fear "what if i have to go to the emergency room?", which I haven't yet, but what if??

Thank you for your love and concern. Hugs to you too!

<3 Shelli