Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dirty Pink Truth

There is no cure for breast cancer.
Breast cancer kills when it metastisizes, 
(i.e. spreads to vital organs).

30% of breast cancers diagnosed will metastasize
and 5-10% are metastatic at diagnosis.
150,000 Americans are living w/ metastatic breast cancer
and 40,000 will die this year...

of metastatic breast cancer.


Approx 3% of cancer research funds are spent 
researching metastatic cancer...

the one that’s killing us.

“Cancer is not a ribbon, 
a screening test, 
or a leisure activity. 

It is not a sassy t-shirt, 
a proclamation of survivorship, 
or a gift worth giving. 

It is a disease.” 
-Gayle Sulik, M.A. PhD

A disease that still kills. 
A disease that kills virtually as many people today as it did in 1975.
This is not progress.

Early detection does not necessarily save lives.
Mammograms are not prevention.

It isn’t cute. It isn’t inspiring. It isn’t pink.


Unknown said...

Keep screaming it out there Shelli...

I don't care if the 3% is questioned or true or within a few percentages one way or another. I don't care if some feel the need to badger or bait or question your every word. YOU are the one in so much pain, YOU are the one suffering and YOU have every right to say whatever the hell you want to say.

YOU have every right to repeat the great quotes and the known-to-us statistics... YOU have every right to speak your mind and give us all who love you, who care about you, your updates, share your fears, scream out your pissedoffedness... and YOU keep doing so proudly, without the cloak of anonymity someone we now know seems most comfortable wearing.

Those who go out of their way to badger you, to bait you, to scream and yell at you, have no place in your circle, in our circle... while talking encouragement to others? Such hypocrisy, so shallow. I'm very sad that within our own disease lives those who spew such vile things. Time to move on love...

And keep moderating. We lock our doors at night, same thing.

I love you Shell. xoxo

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Thank you, my dear friend, Carolyn! Thank you for your support. Doors tightly locked! Love you too! -shelli

Nancy's Point said...


Some don't care to speak or hear much about the truth do they?

I love Gayle's quote you shared. Now that is a truth that needs repeating.

Thanks for telling your truths, Shelli.

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

That is my favorite quote! Thank you for reading, Nancy!

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...
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Unknown said...

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The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Trentent Silver,

Insensitive much?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Ask here please, Emily,


The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Ask here please, Emily,


The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Ask here please, Emily,


The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Ask here please, Emily,


Anonymous said...


I am so tired of the "rah rah cheerleaders", the "think positive" and "crazy sexy cancer bitches" who want to bash those of us who chose REALITY. Reality sucks but we will never move forward by burying our heads in the sand.


ALL THE BEST....You are not alone.

Unknown said...

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