Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great Customer Service!

Firstly, I witnessed today, first hand, a marvel of driving idiocy. An old lady, waiting to turn right at a light. I am opposite her, waiting to turn left. The light turns green and she juuuuuussst sits there. With her blinker on. She sits. So I, despite the fact that I have rightfully yielded to her the right-of-way, I make my left turn, as do two others behind me while she WAITS...

FINALLY, as the third left-turner makes his turn, INTO THE 2nd lane (good thing Granny wasn't going anywhere!), Granny turns behind him, into the FAR LANE! The two of them should have to go to driving school.

I went to A.J.'s Fine Foods today to get a salad at lunchtime. What a beautiful store. As I waited in line at the register, behind two chatty and obviously not-in-a-hurry people, an employee from the neighboring deli came and asked if he could weigh my salad for me. He put the sticker on my salad, got my drink at the Boulangerie fountain, and quickly stepped in behind the other clerk as soon as she finished ringing up talky-couple to expedite my purchasing experience. He was SO nice, so helpful, so aware of customer service. And I wasn't even some hot chick he was just chattin' up.

As I left the store I thought, WOW, people who shop here regularly (aka people with MONEY) sure get treated well!! And THEN I thought...why does customer service only exist these days in pricey establishments? I work as hard for the money I spent in Walmart as I do for the money I spent on my salad at A.J.'s. It seems there is a magic other world of courtesy and respect of which I, the working class, know not!! Why not?? I'm just saying!

I formally object.

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