Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Makes Us Higher Beings?

The following is an excerpt from "Honesty for Better Clarity" from a blog called Superconscious, to which Guest Blogger Mary also referred:

"Did you know that each of the emotions of fear, lust, anger and pleasure can easily be found in the brain with an electrode touching a small specific section of the brain's limbic system? Some brain experiments with monkeys and human mental patients in the 60's uncovered this fact very well. On the other hand, the higher brain emotions of unconditional love, compassion, happiness and courage cannot be found in the limbic system or any other small area of the brain?! Why? Well, fear, lust, anger and pleasure are the emotions we share in common with all animals that have a limbic system.

"What makes humans different is the large cerebrum on top of the small limbic system. When you experience love, compassion, happiness and courage, brain scans reveal a wide area in the cerebral cortex lights up. In other words, a larger network of cells in the higher brain centers are used to experience these higher emotions. Most people have great difficulty with experiencing these higher brain emotions, because their whole life revolves around limbic system reacting instead of conscious acting. When you practice consciously using more of your brain, instead of less, you begin utilizing more of your God-given potential and honesty is easier to express as well."

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