Tuesday, September 11, 2012

M-m-m-my Xeloda...

Who heard The Knack in their head when they read that? C'mon, raise your hands...

I'm back up from bed because my feet are being assaulted by thousands of tiny fire-hot pins...
Thousands of little blacksmiths 
are forging minuscule weapons 
at the foot of my bed 
and thrusting the tiny swords 
into my feet when they come
 out of the white hot coals.

No blissful falling asleep without knowing it...did I take my Ambien too early? Did I eat dinner too late? Is Xeloda going to aggravate RLS? Cuz my whole body feels edgy tonight. I hoped it would make me really sleepy and I would be sleeping more easily. It's only day .5 (since I started with an evening dose)...is this my regular crap, or my imagination, or is it all about to get a lot worse?

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