Friday, November 27, 2009

Lunesta, Hats and Bracelets

First off, drug update, the Lunesta worked last night, Thanksgiving Eve. I went to bed about 11:00 and got up about 9:30. I think I stayed up too late tonight after taking the meds. I am not asleep and it is 4:30am. I did take a three hr nap at 11:30am-ish. Mostly I think I stayed up too late. I need to make that evening schedule and keep to a bedtime! It was wonderful to sleep all night.

I've been thinking about my bad attitude, about the damper I was on the Support Group. I watched the end of a movie tonight, which I'd seen before called "Facing the Giants". A quote from the movie: "We will praise God when we win, and we will praise God when we lose". I am doing my share of losing lately, and I have not been attending church as I should and praising in the best way I know how, singing. I need to get myself there (it's early, and the sleep thing has been a problem, plus the sitting very long thing) and SING...maybe they'll still let me in choir for Christmas. If I beg.

I've been thinking about the hats I crocheted a couple of year now ago, that I donated to the Oncology office for those undergoing chemo. I've also started thinking about the bracelets I have made again. For the past year, with all the pain, etc, I have lost interest. But I think I may feel like picking it up again. I just don't feel the urge to sell them, even with proceeds donated. I just like giving things away. I'll have to come to some sort of deal on that issue. I have two pink bracelets made. I want to give them to the two people from Group who were newly diagnosed, one newly diagnosed, one facing the question of chemo or not.

I'm going to Disney Land with BFF and her daughter and older sister in a few weeks. I want to wear a bunch of bracelets with pink ribbon charms and give them to anyone who looks like they may be chemo-ing for breast cancer. I'll have to wear my pin conspicuously, and I'll be pretty darn conspicuous in my wheel chair. It would work.

I think I will think on this more and hopefully get excited about hats and bracelets again. And get this sleep thing going so I can get to church and sing my praises, even though I may be losing.

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by...K@ Ashcroft said...

I am soooo immensely proud of you! These are GREAT strides in the right direction! Would you like to meet sometime and go to see the Temple lights and listen to a night of singing there?