Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Copied and pasted updates. Lame excuse for a blog post, but as good as it gets for now.

On Monday, SDA and I got all the clean clothes that were piled on my dresser onto hangers and put into the closet. Kind of a huge deal, considering how long I had put the task off.

Tuesday was kind of a bad day. I made some phone calls, and was feeling rather helpless and stranded when a lady from church, SJ, called from the McDonald's drive-thru and asked if I'd had lunch. I hadn't eaten anything yet and kind of started crying. Within 15 minutes she was at my house, and must have called KC, the Relief Society (women's group) leader at church, and she showed up at the same time. SJ had her grandkids in the car, and took them home to feed them and get her heating pad for me, as mine had given up its aged ghost. KC sat and talked with me for a while. We decided that it wasn't working for me to be alone all morning while Dear Son was at class, so my mom will come over on M-W-F around 10 or 11, and T-TH, when mom goes to her exercise thing at the care home, KC will come by and make sure I get something to eat. Sujean is arranging for dinner to be brought in T-TH nights.

The doctor's office called back, he agreed to up my pain pills dose, if someone could be with me to make sure my breathing was okay on it. Mom and Dear Son went to pick the written 'scrpts up, and her car acted up on their way back. They made it to Mom's house and then Dear Sister came and got them and brought them here, so now Mom has my car. My mechanic brother will be in town this weekend to take care of her car. Car problems suck!

Mom is going to talk more with the hospice rep at the care home where her mother was about what is available in my situation. She came up with that all on her own. She knows him and is comfortable with him from when Me-Ma was alive, so this should prove to be a good "in".

I have an appointment to see my Primary care doctor tomorrow afternoon, and mom will come and take me.

We got the new Rx's before bedtime last night ,still taking the muscle relaxant also, which I think really helps, and is almost gone (hosp doc sent me home with that Rx), so I will ask PC doc to write it for me. Today, after all night and day on the increased dose, I think my pain is down a notch. From 6-7 to 5-6. Still higher, as I told the nurse at the oncologist office today, than I can live with long term, but slightly better than it had been.

I showered tonight in preparation for doctor visit tomorrow afternoon, and now I am laying here on the bed ready for sleep but still faced with the task of putting on underwear and PJ's.  I'd better get to it.

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