Monday, March 12, 2012

A shower just took all the strength I have, and I didn't even wash my hair. My hip is killing me and depression is settling in, crushing in on me.

I am puposeless. I am helpless. I am useless.


Linda said...

Hugs and prayers - I have that same feeling some days, know that you aren't alone. Blessings, Linda

AhPickles said...

I feel yah completely. I despise the sense of uselessness brought on by the blankety blank disease. It is truly suffocating. I am very thankful to know you! Before meeting you, I felt horribly isolated in my feelings about the truth of cancer. You are one of the few "navy seals" who dont bury your head in the sand or float around somewhere over the rainbow where no thinking is required. You make me laugh (grown women and jr high - right on!) and cry ( the no man zone pre hospice - again so brave). Love yah, mean it!