Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend and Final Escape

I think all the nurses over thr last few days have branded me Bad Patient. They haveall either clammed up completely answer tersely when necessary or are uber polite to the fake lenght of sounding like they are reading a training script. It's a good thing the meals come frome a completely separate dept pr I'd suspect spit in my food. I am suddenly suspecting that I'm being given placebos. I'm kind of freaking out here.

 Why do grown women have to act like Junior HS Cheerleaders? I'm about to fall asleep again, so I'd better make some attempts.

I don't know how long I'll be here. I saw the hosp dr today but wont see my oncologist until tomorrow. I think I am falling out of dr-love with him. I I

 I never ever ever I swear ever going into a Banner hosps again.

Someone unadjusted my bed. Still now word from Polowy on scan results. I'm falling asleep ....nap time....

 I just woke thinking it mub aomehere outhaerv4 okay @ tjis is what happens when w.I type on pain mwds
I am in huge momour I just woke with a pondong hehadache. I hpoe thia is amizneiucbf. I will try aater
February 27

  • Still here but am determined to find the hopitalist, Dr Sharma and force him to discharge me still. :-/

    I'm not happy with some people 
    whom I still have not seen since Thursday.
  • I am Freed!!!
     February 27 at 6:31pm

    YES, they had to get me our of there before I proved my conspiracy theories and blew the cover off that live video role play action fight club they had going in that underground bunker of a operating room they had going on there... (more on THAT when I can bare to type it all out again...that is the part I lost using my phone for a lengthy posting.)

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