Friday, January 22, 2010

Latest trip to the Lovely Oncologist

I only cried a little. I told him I am really trying to be more positive. I told him that when I get all this financial crap under control, I think I can live with the cancer. He gave me more Femara samples, which saves me a ton of money. He thanked me for a card I had sent him a while back, checking up on him. He said he ran across it the other day, and it gave him a lift. I guess a few of his patients are as intuitive as I am, and know well he cares for others, and forgets to care for him.

I wrote all over the paper on the table. I wait a long time in the exam rooms every time. I started writing {stuff} SUCKS, and drawing faces...and ended up writing scripture and song lyrics.

I meant to ask more about these illusive cancer marker numbers...but he just showed me his laptop where my numbers are...two of them are within normal range, and the one that isn't is going down slightly each time I have blood work done. That is a good sign and made him very happy. I asked him which bones have cancer. Basically probably all of them. I'll get more sore, and more tired as we go.

Was supposed to have another PET/CT scan in January, but EVDI and the insurance are still trying to work out the mistake on the code that screwed payment up for the scan in October!

I saw my counselor this week, and he was very positive about my desire to make jewelry, etc, and my ideas to promote support for metastatic cancer. A lot is still in the planning stages, i.e. how to finance it without showing income.

My sister went with me today for a consult with a lawyer. I'm going to pursue Chapter 7 I have a whole pack of papers and stuff to do. He also referred me to another colleague for help with the accident in Nov. 08 that caused the sciatic nerve issue.

I couldn't find my son when I went to pick him up from school and realized my phone was dead. I looked around for at least 40 minutes, then had to give up and go home to meet my sister who was picking me up for my consult appt. She was able to contact him from her phone and all was well. We charged my phone in her car, but his texts about his schedule changing didn't pop up until we already had him in the van. I know, he's 18, but when I can't find him, or contact him, I get frantic.

After all that I was exhausted. I lay down around 5:00pm and slept until 10:30pm. oops. Tried to go back to bed but kept getting up. 2:41 am now...that's closer to the time I can sleep.

This driving my son back and forth to school is exhausting me. The city bus doesn't run up as far as the college, which is only about 3 miles from our house. When this rain stops, we're going to talk more about him riding his bike!!


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by...K@ Ashcroft said...

I liked this post. I love that you wrote all over the table paper, that is awesome.
Keep you chin up, we are here for you. :) VERY glad you came to Merilee's the other night!

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I know no Japanese, but relying on the online translator, I think I understand what you were trying to say. Thank you! ありがとう!