Thursday, January 28, 2010

Support Group Tuesday Night - computer not working

Had my Cancer Support Group tonight. I felt good about going and the meeting felt good. There were like 5 people there with METS, which was like half the attendance, and one woman who has just finished chemo and is starting radiation. I wanted to give her a bracelet that I brought, but she ran out quickly, and I was talking to another woman who has been taken OFF Femara, and she gave me three unopened bottles. Very sweet. People liked my "surviving" quest. I felt good at first , but then as it went on I kept feeling like I said the wrong thing.

What is this let-down I am feeling now though? My bad attitude is surging up and I'm not feeling positive and warm or fuzzy. Well, fuzzy in a few places, but not in that good way. I want to say/write negative things, go back to yelling "I could be dying soon!", and go out and sing karaoke in a real bar with a real sound system.

I'm feeling tired, but I was hungry; that's what got me up out of bed. Ooops, sometimes I forget that three meal a day thing. Wouldn't know it by looking at me.

I am feeling cranky about one thing that was said...and anyone who knows me, knows how I let that get me all obsessive. I want to go again next month, but I don't want to talk, or share.

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