Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year...2010

Who ever thought we'd get to the year 2010!! Now do we just say "in the year '10"?

I know I still owe my blog a story and update on my wonderful Disneyland trip, and possibly the last doctor appt, oh yeah, and then there's Christmas...uneventful. Christmas for me is about singing in the choir, and I'm thankful to have been able to do that. Also Disneyland at Christmastime was Magical. More on my special experiences there later.

New Year's Eve...went to a party tonight at some friends' house. Sang karaoke for hours with my Great Cousin Jim (his mother is my great Aunt, so that makes him Great Cousin, right?), who IS great, and had fun doing that. Kept my mind off other things. I was getting very down before I went over there. I'm stressing over mortgage, bills, looming need to file bankruptcy, trying to modify the mortgage through the "making home affordable" had better work. It all just brings up so much to think about. Seriously made me start thinking about dying again. 2010 might be a good year to die, but of course, since I look forward to it, and know they have less paperwork on the other side than we have here, I'm sure I'll hang around for 12 more years or so...or go insane first. It's really too much to handle, and my Disneyland Magic space of denial has just about worn off. I don't suppose wearing mouse ears and tiara every day is very socially "cool". Not that I care, but there is a point at which people start considering commitment. And I'm not talking about a relationship...haha. I really have no feelings of looking forward, fresh start, or any of that yadda yadda...I may sleep very late tomorrow.

Promise the Disneyland stories soon.

(Me at Disneyland; tiara and Bug's Life awesome 3-D glasses. I totally wanted to keep them.)

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The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

The above-mentioned promised story about Disneyland is actually the post BEFORE this one, because it stamps the date when you start it, not when you post it.

Just wanted to clear that up. If anyone is still actually reading. ;-)