Thursday, September 24, 2009

More pain, but still mild-ish?

Stopped taking the pain meds (Vicodin) Saturday. I couldn't stand the constipation. I don't know how Dr. Gregory House can stand that. I probably talked about this before, since I talk about my butt all-the-time! (Right Karen?) Yesterday and today I have slept most of the day. Today I am feeling a little more pain. Question is, with the (slight) change in the weather, is it fibromyalgia pain? Or is it Femara pain, rearing that ugly head again, or is it just plain The Cancer? Could be a combination of all of it, especially since I feel it in my lower back quite a bit. I'm doing OK with just ibuprofen and frequent rests for now.

I realized today that I rarely have anything positive to say. I can think of ONE blog that was positive. And the effects of that are wearing off. So, sorry Followers; I'm having a hard time coming up with positive, or even funny at times! I know that the Funny is what you're all after.

I'll try to work up some new material.

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