Friday, September 4, 2009

Nuking Update

Oh thank goodness it's Friday, and I can sleep as long as I want tomorrow...after getting up to pee, of course.

I took doughnuts, Krispy Kremes, in to the radiation team. Sam was very excited. I am so glad. I wrote a note on top of the box to everyone.

SO...turns out I have TWO more treatments...just Tuesday and Wednesday. They I see the oncologist on Friday and find out why I am not yet scheduled for the PET scan. Insight Imaging called the other day, and I got so excited, thinking it was for the scan. *sigh* It was for my 6-month mammogram, from the other radiologist. Maybe I'll start to feel a little better by Tuesday. After a full week of nuking, I feel sorta crappy.

I decided today that my Facebook account would be for being funny and/or making fun of other people (who, of course, deserve it), and for life-threatening drama, folks would have to come here. 2 minutes later one of my sadistic acquainances asked how to get here...haha.

Working on a puzzle, which seems to be keeping my interest a bit. Thank goodness. But then the stupid cat jumped on was salvagable, but geez; we covered it up and everything!!

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Unknown said...

That darn cat!! LOL!