Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Radiation Station

Ok, it rhymes...

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the people at the radiation office. When I first started going, while an in-patient at the hospital, there were John and Sam. I was wheeled down on a gurney (that's what they do with in-patients) and therefore had to get from gurney to radiation platform-table-thing. They slid me over on a back board, and then when it was over, reversed which was higher and slid me back. I'm not a small person. I was a bit nervous about being dropped. Sam let me hold on to him and they promised not to drop me. And they didn't.

My first full week after release, they were both there. John always held out both hands to me to steady myself, and they were both always in such good spirits. Sam always has a hand squeeze or a shoulder pat for me. He has no idea how much that means.

The third week (I guess this was when everything kept breaking down) I came in on the ONE day it worked, and John was not there. I found out he was only filling in for someone who was on vacation! I was very sad. He made me feel so safe and secure, and ok.

I still have Sam, who also makes me feel safe and secure, even though he often has to see my big white ass when I get off the table to pull up my pants. The other day, I started crying a little at the end. He saw and said, "No need to cry; we'll be here tomorrow!!" haha. What a guy.

These two people are examples of the cream of the medical field crop. Thank you John and Sam for being there for me!


Unknown said...

Oh, thank goodness for people like Sam and Dave. Isn't that the name of a beachy folk singing duo in the sixties?? No wonder they worked well as a team! I'm glad that there are at least a couple of bright spots in the middle of all this.

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

OK, so today, guess who was there...yep, Dave, but guess what...his name is John. I had that all mixed up in the hospital but I thought I had it straight. So, no; there was no beachy folk-singing duo called Sam and John.

Unknown said...

Oh, DARN! I was really liking the idea that it was Sam and Dave!

Oh well, here's a rhyme for you:

Radiation Station, bring me elation!

Yes, it's pathetic. You have no idea how long it took me to come up with that!