Sunday, September 20, 2009

Warning: Gross references contained:

Sleeping again, and that is a plus. Back on all the meds, and the upped dose of one from the Dr is beginning to kick in. But, I'm on a bad schedule since I don't have to get up for radiation...sleeping LATE, often taking a long nap, then not being ready for bed at a decent hour.

The hemorrhoids / post irradiation IBS (I made that up) / finicky stomach is still driving me crazy. I have brief partial days where I think I may survive it, then...wooops! And speaking of those suppositories, I am sick of sticking my finger in my butt. Yep, I said it. Karen, take note. Oh, and I think I forgot to mention that on Friday, I was out driving Brad somewhere, and got that urge...clinched until I got home, but was too slow walking, and of course, it's hard to clinch and walk...long story short...I pooped my pants. Exhausting ordeal, the whole thing. I called my sister and cried for quite a while, then took a long nap. Woke up at 9;00pm. It was awful. And while we're on the subject...I love farts. I very rarely trust them these days, but when it's truly just a pressure-relieving fart, it's so great.

Trying to chill, as I promised the doctor. I'm doing a pretty good job, as far as the diagnosis / prognosis goes. I'm so stressed about bills and paperwork and applications, that I teeter on the brink of shutting down. Becky is going to come tomorrow and take me to get my blood drawn, which I have procrastinated for a week, and help with some phone calls. I love her.

One of the stressful phone calls, the one from the insurance company, was actually from this Wellpoint program where they give you a nurse/case worker type thing. (Well, until I lose my insurance in a month.) I spent an hour and a half on the phone with her the other day. The one that was from the disability company never returned my message!

The nurse person from Wellpoint suggested coloring for stress relief and occupying one's mind. Sounds great, and I am planning a trip to Michael's tomorrow for coloring books and crayons.

OK, one little worry, which I have relegated to "ask Dr. P" when I see February, when I had the MRI on my lumbar before the pain center did the epidural injections, they didn't mention anything hinky. I would REALLY like them to take a 2nd look at the films, and look for cancer-type hinkiness...because what I'm wondering is, if there were even tiny cancer cells at that time, whether they end up seeing them or not, did injecting my back with steroids send them into a growth frenzy???

I went out last night. Barely made it; geez, hair, karaoke at somewhere close to here that was (erroneously) recommended. Jamie and Ray met me there, then Joy, David and Josh came. It was so fun being with everyone, and I did sing once. The rest of the music chosen by the senior citizens in attendance just about put us to sleep, but I do have to say, they have a kick-ass sound system, and he adjusted it for my voice, and made me sound great. Except for the part of that song I always screw up and miss the key...

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