Saturday, September 26, 2009


My blog of incessant whining is now on the blog list of cancer blogs at (see my blog list; inspirational man!)

Now someone might actually read it...besides the people I force to, so maybe I'd better strive to come up with something more positive and/or insightful.

Margo from work brought some flowers to me today which had been sent to me at work. They were from the mortgage people that I worked with on refinances at the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Branch! So thoughtful! I miss working with them...they are the best! Thank you Brandon, Kari, Chris and Brian!

Had brunch this morning with a whole ton of relatives. My cousin Russell was down from Utah (yes, he is a Utard) and wanted to see me...everyone thought I was dying a month and half ago. It was great fun! Ok, I'll add the picture.

35 minutes until the women's broadcast starts; don't think I'm going to make it showered and dressed nicely in time to get to the stake center. Was going to watch at my sister's house but I didn't tell her in time so she made other plans. Oops.